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A team of professionals to help you increase corporate awareness and improve perceptions.

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How do we help entrepreneurs and managers

We deliver companies key messages to their customers in line with their business strategy, in a clear and efficient way.

Clear Communications has expertise in mastering classic and unconventional communication channels.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and managers reach their established business goals, increase corporate awareness, and improve perceptions.

Areas of expertise

We are specialists in content creation and media relations

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What our clients say

Clear Communications is our trusted partner whenever it comes to consumer and business communication and organizing media events for several years already. We used their expertise to organize successful press conferences, manage the relationship with consumer and business media, to position ourselves as one of the top and trusted online retailer. Our partners from Clear Communications understood our needs and managed to offer us creative solutions.

I am strongly recommending Clear Communications as a reliable partner and trusted communication consultant.

Mihai Pătrașcu / CEO, evoMAG

In 12 years on VTEX, I had tried to work many times with PR agencies in several countries, like Argentina, Brasil, and the UK. For the first time, even VTEX was not well known in the local market, even we are not a big company, we had results since the day one. From the very beginning, we were in the main media companies, such as Ziarul Financiar, really surprised because this had never happened with me. Besides that, the PR team knows about the market, and this is very good for us since we can have good discussions about important topics.

Today, Clear Communications is an important partner for us.

Rafael Campos / Vice President, VTEX

Our team

The main asset of Clear Communications is the team


5 senior consultants

The Clear Communications team has 5 senior consultants, some of them former professional journalists.


40 years of experience

Together, we have over 40 years of experience in business, generalist, and lifestyle media and television


25 years of experience

We have a combined experience of 25 years in integrated communication and organizing press events, B2B, B2C, and B2B fairs and exhibitions.


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